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From the deepest miasma to the shimmering veil, everything is in its place. The Peakborn rule, the Sunken toil, and the Unmoored trade. But Clear Skies Technology could rewrite the atmosphere, and with it the culture of planet Zé. 

It all depends on how you use it.


Kickstarter Funded 2/18/21. 

The Sky Left Us is a sci-fi visual novel about climate crisis, classism, and how relationships shape our politics. Play as Spire Risan, an off-worlder scientist who becomes entangled in the drama of a mountain they came here to save. Fall in with the denizens of the three castes, and find that things are more complicated than they seem: be it love, family, or the systems that shape us.

#PoliticsAsPersonal #EthicsOfTechnology #ClimateChange #Classism #EveryoneIsGay #NonbinaryProtag #FogPunk #Hotties #Intrigue #Romance #FoundFamily #MessyCharacters #DifficultChoices #QueerTransContent

This is a demo of the game that features the opening sequence. Follow us here, or on Twitter and Instagram @ RatwormGames to see how the full game is developing!


The Story

  • 6 routes and 1 true route exploring Spire's relationships with the denizens of Zé. 
  • Intrigue and class politics grounded in the relationship routes.
  • A rich sci-fi planet characterized by the climate and its imminent changes.
  • Diverse characters and relationship types.
  • Difficult choices and deeply flawed characters.

The Gameplay

  • No mechanical bells and whistles. Just quality writing and critical choices.
  • A killer soundtrack.
  • Multiple endings for each route.

The Route Characters

  • THE SPYMASTER — A two-faced Peakborn noble trapped in a web of his own design.
  • THE PAINTER — An ambitious Unmoored artist, kept like a bauble by her Peakborn patrons.
  • THE WINDY KID — A quiet Unmoored child who has fallen in with pirates.
  • THE REVOLUTIONARY — A fiery Sunken leader who wants the peaks to burn.
  • THE DIVER — A Sunken diver who explores the planet's depths.
  • THE PIRATES — Two Unmoored pirates who search for freedom through their crimes.
  • THE IDOL (True Route) — A Sunken Idol with a strange connection to the poisonous miasma. 

Stretch Goal Routes

Diversity in gaming is important to us, which is reflected in our team, the characters, and the subjects of the game. You can expect a range of relationship types and experiences of gender and sexuality. At the same time, this game has a small cast, so we are not able (or trying to) represent everyone.

Ratworm Games are the creators of the Event Horizon Universe of larps, a setting in which The Sky Left Us takes place. Ratworm Games produces queer-trans speculative fiction games. 


TheSkyLeftUs-demo-linux 69 MB
TheSkyLeftUs-demo-mac 63 MB
TheSkyLeftUs-demo-win 65 MB


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hi! I really like the art, yee and Lior are def my favourite so far. is the game still being made?

The demo left me very intrigued. Looking forward to seeing more!

Hi, the demo is really awesome! Are you looking to localise the game into Spanish?


Thanks for the demo! Will you consider providing the full game or at least some future updates to supporters through the Palestinian Aid bundle?


Oh my god the demo is so good! The characters? The art? The music? The writing? The plot? It is all so magnificent I legit cried. Even the menu is a work of art. Spire is so relatable yet unique, so smart, so pretty, so adorable! I also wanted to touch the clouds do bad... the fog is verrry noice... I feel like the day I see the whole game is gonna be like The Best and I can't wait for it <3




really can't wait to see how y'all tackle systemic issues and the "savior" complex! also....................i look forward to reading how y'all play with planetary systems  with this world. is terra-forming a baseline thing?


Thank you for your enthusiasm! :) The short answer is that terra forming was a huge thing with the Ancients, humans from a high tech civilization that utterly collapsed into the bronze age. Nowadays people are re-discovering terra-forming, but it has a ways to go still.


This demo was INCREDIBLE.  The writing is the best I've read in a visual novel for a long time, and I play a lot of vns. The character art, the music, the dancing portraits...everything is so good.  I'm going to back it right now!

I'm begging y'all to back on kickstarter too cuz if Vee isn't unlocked I May Die.


Thank you for your kind words and support! (We're big fans of Aysha's writing, but WAIT until you see all our writers' talents in the full game.)

We're really hoping we can unlock all the route characters because the game was always designed with them in mind. Vee... good...

I couldn't be more excited for this game!! The demo was great! 


Thank you! :)

Really enjoyed this !! The demo super got me hooked.


:) Thanks for taking the time to comment, we appreciate it!


This is so good! Looking forward to the Kickstarter! <3


Thank you so much!